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                                    Qi Gao's corporate culture

                                    一、Interpretation of odd high name

                                    Qi Gao, the original intention is extraordinarily high, different from normal high, very high.

                                    Qi Gao valve, with odd two characters as its brand name, has a profound cultural background and unique charm.

                                    Odd, unusual, rare, unusual, special. Of special intelligence and ability. Defeat one's opponent by a surprise move. Extraordinary talents and abilities. Beyond all expectations. By means of persistent technological innovation, the products are always new, strange and open to market. Seek survival through innovation and seek development through innovation.

                                    On the top: from the bottom to the top. Peak, high altitude, high position, high quality. Sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height. Look far ahead from a high plane. Stride forward singing militant songs. Meaning Qigao valve always pursues high quality, high standards, high goals, in the fierce market competition, the enterprise like a standing mountain, always in an invincible position.

                                    Qi Gao, like a brand name, has the magnificent spirit of creating the world and advancing vigorously. There are strange ways to build the world.

                                    The world will be built up. The core connotation of brand is formed. Its essence is innovation and quality culture. That is, to win the market by innovation and win the world by quality.

                                    Qi Gao is unique in that it is a trustworthy customer valve brand, with excellent quality, is the classic valve. At the same time, Qigao people with a heart of gold as the heart of China's valve industry, and the majority of customers to provide quality, high-tech valve products. It shows the strong strength and scale of operation of the enterprise, demonstrates the ambition of Ling Yunzhuang to revitalize the national valve industry and to establish a brand of industrial valve in China.

                                    二、Interpretation of Qi Gao brand

                                    New, strange and special; high quality, high standard and high goal constitute the core connotation of Qi Gao brand culture.

                                    Qigao combines the spirit of innovation and quality, indicating that Qigao is a brand that constantly innovates, constantly climbs the peak and pursues excellence.

                                    Qigao, implies continuous innovation, Qigao people from the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise to the development and growth, always put technological innovation in front of, and constantly pursue excellent quality, strive for perfection, making Qigao valve has unparalleled advantages.

                                    Striving for innovation and pursuing quality become the goal pursued by extraordinary people.

                                    It shows that Qigoren is committed to be an integrated supplier of valve products and solutions with innovative scientific and technological thinking and competitive product quality.

                                    It shows that Qigao people are based on mastering the key technology of the industry, constantly exploring the trend and direction of the industry development, and constantly giving new technology and technology to products, serving the vast number of users.

                                    Qigao represents professionalism, concentration and persistence. Qigao people know that the market competition in the valve industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Only by persistent innovation and unremitting efforts can the enterprise remain invincible forever.

                                    From creation to growth, from yesterday to today. Chi Gao perseveres and creates brilliance continuously.

                                    All the way singing, Qigao, always from the customer's point of view, from a more appropriate, more professional point of view to explore and explore customer needs, and in accordance with this design and development can better serve customers of the new generation of valve products.

                                    All the way singing, Qigao, always adhere to the customer-based business philosophy, relying on customers, customer service, is Qigao in many challenges, all the way to the source of power.

                                    All the way singing, Qigao always upholds the concept of scientific and technological innovation, quality assurance, customer first management; to create a good corporate image, Qigao valve brand, the pursuit of excellence in quality, create a classic valve! And constantly improve the level of innovation and product quality.

                                    All the way singing, exotic high, adhere to the fine and meticulous, quality first business philosophy, for consumers to create safe, delicate valve products, lead the valve product industry wind, consumers can trust the brand.

                                    The world will be built up. Qigao valve, always remember their social responsibility, dedicated to bring new vitality for the valve industry, inject new vitality, create a brilliant future of the industrial valve industry!

                                    三、Qi Gao's cultural concept

                                    Enterprise vision: create industrial valve brand

                                    Enterprise spirit: all rivers and streams are constantly improving.

                                    Enterprise tenet: striving for excellence and continuous innovation

                                    Enterprise Goal: Build a good enterprise, create a famous brand in the industry, become an integrated supplier of valve products and Solutions

                                    Core values: integrity, integrity, quality first, customer satisfaction, and win-win results.

                                    Service concept: efficient, professional and intimate, to provide customers with tailored valve set solutions.

                                    Business purposes: customer oriented, quality first, expert quality and excellence.

                                    Business policy: product excellence, service integrity, intensive management, meticulous technology.

                                    Business philosophy: science first, technology based, quality as soul and integrity as the foundation. Taking user value as the criterion

                                    Business philosophy: innovation and enterprise, quality and enterprise development

                                    Enterprise pursuit: constantly enhance the competitiveness of the valve industry, and continue to create effective customer value.

                                    Quality policy: quality excellence, customer satisfaction first

                                    Qigao Commitment: Products such as a person, only internal and external repair, can be a big success in the world, Qigao valve products, achievements in the table as the perfect quality, and strive to create a new realm of valve equipment

                                    四、The slogan of Qi Gao enterprise:

                                    Odd high valves, quality selection

                                    Strive for excellence and create valve classics

                                    Valve technology experts

                                    Meticulous and meticulous

                                    High quality, valve leading