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                                    The competition among enterprises is essentially the competition of talents.

                                    Excellent talents are the source of vitality for the development of enterprises. Since its inception, the company has grasped the concept of people-oriented management, insisted on grasping the true meaning of knowledge economy in the competitive information industry, and implemented the talent strategy; established a dedicated, unity, cooperation, innovation, crisis awareness, high-quality staff, to provide customers with thoughtful, first-class products, in the industry Establish excellent brand image.

                                    Strategic thinking: grasping the essence of knowledge economy and attaching importance to intellectual capital of human resources

                                    1. Establish a united, stable and high-quality contingent of leading cadres to ensure the scientific, harmonious and efficient management and cultural concepts of the company.

                                    2. Build a high-level, high-level professional and technical personnel team, strengthen research and development efforts to ensure that the company's products in the technology to maintain a leading edge.

                                    3, we should establish effective marketing talents and increase the market share of our products.

                                    4, establish an efficient management team to ensure efficient implementation and creative improvement of business strategy.

                                    Strategy implementation plan

                                    1. Attaching importance to the cultivation of talents within the company. The training work within the company is the necessary means to improve the staff's post skills, identify with the company's corporate culture, and bring up high-quality employees in line with the company's requirements. Through training, talents can be found and trained in the company's interior to optimize the use of talents, so that the company's success and personal success. The long combination can really achieve "interaction" between enterprises and employees.

                                    2. For high-level talents to actively introduce, the use of intellectual capital is the key to success. Increasing the investment in intellectual capital of high-level professionals is also an essential input to keep the management, technology, marketing and other important links of enterprise innovation.

                                    3, establish a corresponding platform for human resource utilization. Insist on the people-oriented management concept in the company, establish a management system, incentive mechanism, distribution system for outstanding talents, create a suitable working environment for outstanding talents in the company, give them the stage to display their talents. Create conditions to identify talents, cultivate talents, attract talents and retain talents. Let the truly talented people become the main force of the company's development.